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"Nicola takes you on a journey of gentle reflection and discovery, whilst considering approaches and behaviour through a lens of therapeutic parenting techniques. Her expertise drawn from professional and personal experience is delivered in a straightforward non jargonistic manner which enables attendees to be curious and wonder about their own parenting. It culminates in being curious and wondering about how parents/carers/teachers can themselves adapt to provide the optimal base for individual children to grow and develop.”

 Ruth Caldwell Fostering Service Learning and Development Manager

"Nicola clearly speaks from a professional and personal perspective that brought experience and knowledge to her training. As practitioners, we all like to take away practical ideas for supporting children in our nursery and classrooms and we will definitely use lots of the practical tools and techniques discussed in her presentation."

Sally Ann Johnson, DHT, Robert Gordon’s College

"Nicola was extremely informative and knowledgeable. Breaking it down into small areas that can be used for our students. In particular the soothing stress responses, the language to use and the theory as to why."

Trauma and Distressed Behaviour in Children with Special Educational Needs, Ochil Tower School

"I learned so much during Nicola's presentation, about how the brain and body respond to external stressors, how the child's behaviour is a reflection of the child's inner needs, and of the importance of being able to regulate emotions, etc. etc.! There was so much covered in such a short space of time! I want to learn more, as regards my work, I am an assessing social worker who works with fostering applicants, and I also supervise foster carers. In each situation we always talk about the impact of trauma on children and therapeutic parenting /PACE. This session brought the concept to life so to speak, Nicola made the subject more "user friendly" and therefore I feel that I could talk to the people I am working with in a more informative manner."

Distressed not Difficult: Recognise & Communicate with Traumatised Children, Children in Scotland

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